The s.mask technology

The s.mask technology, which is being advanced by FELA and Würth Elektronik, pursues an approach to applying a digital, functional 3D surface that is independent of the mask and machinery. It sill soon replace conventional solder resist masks in PCB production.

The customisable design of the 3D surface allows customers to customise the design and special requirements to be taken into account.

s.mask is the first and only technology in the industry that offers the possibility of applying not just one but several layers of a dielectric in a defined and targeted manner.

In addition to advantages in precision and performance, there are also improvements when it comes to protection of the circuit board. This is achieved by the gentle application to the functional surface; and secondly, through the reduction of the amount and type of chemicals used.

The solvent-free materials employed in s.mask technology are used as insulation coatings for circuit boards in fine and ultra-fine conductor technology, SMD technology and for multilayers thanks to their very high resolution and excellent dielectric properties.